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Exchange 2010 Error: MapiExceptionNotFound: Unable to mount database (hr=0x8004010f, ec=-2147221233)

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When attempting to create a few databases in my Exchange 2010 environment I received the below error:


MapiExceptionNotFound: Unable to mount database (hr=0x8004010f, ec=-2147221233)

The cause is described in this Microsoft KB:

This issue occurs when the value of the ConfigurationDomainController parameter and the value of the PreferredGlobalCatalog parameter are different. In this scenario, the Mailbox database operation fails because of the replication latency that occurs between the configured domain controllers and the preferred global catalog.


To resolve this issue, set the preferred Active Directory server in Exchange Management Shell to the following cmdlet: 

Set-ADServerSettings –PreferredServer <DC FQDN>

I’m guessing this error appeared AFTER I promoted two more domain controllers to my lab environment. After updating the preferred server name (FQDN) I was able to successfully add new databases. Also if the error above occurs more than once AFTER doing the PS command (Set-ADServerSettings), I recommend restarting the AD Topology service and Information Store service.


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April 6, 2013 at 07:16

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