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Exchange 2010: Edge Transport versions not updating after SP3

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After updating to Exchange 2010 SP3 x64 I noticed my Edge Transport server version did not update. It was still displaying version 14.2 (should say 14.3).

Solution: Delete and re-create the Edge Transport subscription

Steps I took:

In the Edge Transport Server, Open the Exchange Management Shell –> Type following

New-EdgeSubscription –FileName “C:\EdgeSubscription.xml” (or whatever file name you prefer to have)

Copy the Edge subscription file to the Hub Transport server (which in my case was my multi-role exchange server) into C:\

In Hub Transport Server –> Open Exchange Management Console –> Organization Configuration –> Hub Transport section

In the action pane, click New Edge Subscription –> New Edge Subscription Wizard

Click Browse –> select Active Directory site –> Select Default First Site

Browse to the location of the Edge subscription file that was copied over from the Edge Transport server and click Next –> Finish

Verify synchronization to the Edge Transport server’s AD LDS via Event Viewer. Also verify and make sure the NEW version number reads correctly (in my case it now says 14.3)


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April 6, 2013 at 08:45

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